Debbie Russell

Debbie Russell, Saline County Clerk/Election Authority, began working for the county in January 2007, as the Human Resources/Payroll Manager, doing county payroll, county benefits, monitoring the county's computer system and working with the County Commission.   Running for the office of County Clerk in 2010, Debbie was affirmed into her new position in January 2011, where she merged her position as Human Resources/Payroll Manager into the County Clerk’s office, returning those duties to the clerk’s office as per Missouri State statutes.

As the election authority, the clerk’s office maintains voter registration for the county and conducts elections for the political subdivisions, overseeing the printing of ballots and hiring/training of election judges to work at the polls on election Day.  The office schedules routine maintenance and tests all voting equipment prior to each election.  The office executes a voter canvass every two years to keep voter registration accurate and up-to-date per statutes.

As Clerk to the Saline County Commission, the county clerk is responsible for clerking minutes during any called session held by the Saline County Commission, keeping accurate record of all commission orders, motions, rules, contracts, ordinances, and all other proceedings of the County Commission.


As Payroll and Benefits Administrator, the County Clerk is to provide payroll checks to county employees on a bi-weekly pay schedule.   All county payroll benefit and earnings deductions, personnel records, health insurance benefits, CERF retirement, workers’ compensation, and unemployment claims are all managed by the County Clerk.   Form 1099, Form 941 and W-2 forms are verified, printed and distributed by this office.  Accounts payable and payroll checks are printed and backup documentation is contained in the office of the County Clerk.  The county’s Financial Statement is prepared, printed and distributed annually by the County Clerk.
Extending the real and personal property tax bills for the railroad and utility companies is another responsibility of the clerk’s office.  The office also provides the political subdivisions with their assessed valuations so they can then hold their own hearings and certify their tax levy with the County Clerk.
Other responsibilities of the Clerk’s office include issuance of liquor licenses and auctioneer licenses; advertising/assisting with the bidding for products and services for the county, issuance of Notary Public Commissions for Saline County, assisting citizens in completing their Fuel Tax Refund Applications and Claims, and the contact person for monitoring the computer systems and the county website.

Pamela Doane - Deputy Clerk
Carrie Jarvis - Elections Clerk & Mapping Specialist
Virginia Voelker - Records/Elections Clerk